The Floor Is Always Lava – Version 1.00 Released


I’ve developed this really weird habit of developing quick, little games around one type of variable/concept. These have included games like Shadows: The Darkness, Poop Tycoon (a jab at all those damn simulator games) and now The Floor Is Always Lava. I never really intend for these little projects to blossom into anything large, hell most of the time I do them for fun or to kill time while I’m sitting at home on my days off.

That being said, this is probably the one I’m most proud of at this stage. It’s fun, fast-paced, and you can play with some buddies. It pretty much takes the concept, and idea behind that game kids would play in their living-rooms but instead of jumping from various pieces of furniture, you’re standing in a room that’s quickly filling up with lava. It’s essentially a last-man standing sort of idea. I’ll probably look into adding more features sometime down the road (more maps, achievements, better visuals, etc) but for now it’s more of a concept test/tech demo in a sense.


Anyways, I just pushed the full release out on the IndieDB page, but it’s still waiting to verify. For the time being you can download the files from here. Installation instructions are below if you’re having issues.

Installation Instructions
Go here to download BYOND, the game’s engine tool –
Create an account if you want.
Once installed, open the .zip folder that the game is stored in.
Double-click on the BYOND Executable (orange monitor icon)

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Game Doc Diary #1: Casters, A Competitive Card Game


I was recently looking through a notebook I had buried inside my desk with the game designs/ideas written down that I never got around to using, or just scrapping entirely. I’ve decided to throw them up here in case somebody was interested in using the ideas or just mulling over things that I’ve had in my head during the years of developing/trying to develop video games.

So, without futher ado. Here we go. I think I’ll just toss one up here. Just so you can see how bad this idea was. Feel free to steal it if you want. I could honestly care less.

CASTERS (Working Shite Title)

  • The game is all about health.
  • Each time you play a Monster card it saps some of your health. If this monster dies, you lose health equal to what was needed to summon it.
  • If the Monster you summoned kills a monster, you gain health for the monster that was slain.
  • The goal is to drop the other Caster’s (player) health to 0.
  • Attribute Cards buff monsters.
  • Hex cards weaken/cause negative effects on monsters/casters.
  • Co-op Mode pits 2v2 and the players use a shared life-pool.
  • Six different elements: Fire, Earth, Shadow, Light, Space, and Fog.
  • Fire decks are known for area damage.
  • Earth decks are known for high levels of damage.
  • Shadow decks are very hex oriented.
  • Light decks rely heavily on attributes.
  • Space decks have high health costs, but powerful monsters.
  • Fog decks are known for spiritual based cards.
  • There are also various monster archetypes. These are Sifters, Shielders, Runner, Spirits, and Drainers.
  • Sifters can attack player health directly.
  • Shielders can be used to block attacks from other monsters that are attacking your monsters.
  • Runners can flee the battlefield, and back to your hand at anytime during one of your turns.
  • Spirits cannot be harmed by Hex cards.
  • Drainers give their Caster health when they’re destroyed.
  • A competitive mode where players can bet their best cards. If they lose, their opponent wins the card that was bet.
  • Each element contains Legend monsters. These take huge chunks of health to summon, but can only have one per deck.

So not exactly a good idea, but you know. I actually might start posting some of these “game design diary” ideas if people actually sort of like it.

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Little Girl Ventures Into Survival Horror – Alas Mortis

Alright, so for those of you who don’t know I left development of Faceless in 2013 and started my own indie, horror game titled “Alas Mortis” which revolves around a group of ten humans trying to survive against a bat-like demonoid hunting them down in a variety of environments.

I’m aiming to get it on early access on Steam, but for right now we’re in the very early stages revolving around minor bits of programming, modelling, level design, and mostly concept work. Today, I’ll be showing off our newest character reveal, Amelia Stuart and hopefully we won’t see too much controversy for putting her in-game.

10 year-old, Amelia Stuart is the newest playable character to be revealed.

So, this group of humans are trying to survive against this demon hunting them down because of past-sins, and other issues that they’ve caused. I’m currently trying to figure out what is causing Amelia to be hunted but I just couldn’t resist adding a playable child character into my horror game.

The only thing I’m really worried about is that the deaths of playable humans will be quite gruesome, and gory. Beheadings, bisections, and more. I hope this doesn’t generate a lot of negative press as kids have been killed pretty gruesomely in games, films, and televisions before. She isn’t in there for pure shock value, but more so to carry the narrative along with the other humans in this horrific, and terrifying adventure.

The demon that one player will get to control.

She’s not alone. She’ll have a handful of other humans following her and supporting her in this scenarios. 9 humans, and one demonoid creature hunting them down. Will she pull at your heartstrings? Of course she will. You’ll learn to love her, and if she dies well…we’re trying to make it as emotional of a trainwreck as possible. You’ll feel bad, trust me.

She’ll also be traveling with the human doctor, David Black and psychotic Evan Roycz who dresses up as the Easter Bunny.

Evan Roycz – Psychotic Easter Bunny

David Black

Alas Mortis doesn’t have a set release date, but I’d like to get something playable released in late 2014, early 2015. No promises!

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Pixel Gate Podcast: Episode 3 – Farewell To Last Gen

pixel gate 3

Join us in saying goodbye to this last gen of gaming goodness as we say toodles to the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3. We talk about some of our favorite experiences on the consoles, and some stuff that happened this generation that we weren’t so keen on. Enjoy!

You can follow us on Twitter:@EEManio (Justin) @Linko64 (Sean) @RichieDRants (Rich) @Eidelon (Karl)

Download URL: [Click Here]


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Opinion Piece: What I’d Like To See In Fallout 4

I wrote something regarding how I’d like to see Fallout 4 come out on the next gen consoles a few days ago, and I’ve decided to create this opinion piece to essentially talk about what I myself would like to see done with the next iteration in the Fallout franchise. I wasn’t a big fan of New Vegas, and still hold Fallout 3 as one of my favorite games of all time, so I’ve decided to talk about it, and well like I said above; these are the things I’d like to see in the game.

Frozen Wasteland

Make the next Fallout game take place in an extremely harsh, and frozen landscape. Set the game in the Antarctic or something, and just make it hell. Trudging across the ice, cold wind blowing in your face, and blizzard like conditions blinding your vision. I feel like this would work extremely well as an environment and setting, and would hopefully get us away from the Wasteland we’re so used to in previous Fallout titles. Could even make ‘hardcore’ playthroughs more fun by making the cold climate kill the player if they don’t have the proper protection from the subzero temperature.


I know some of you may not like the idea of a multiplayer component in a Fallout game, but I think it could add a unique element to how people play the game in general. Have it as drop-in, drop-out co-op so only your friends can hop into your game. Make it similar to the co-op in Borderlands, and only allow maybe a maximum of 4 people at a time per game. This could then open up the possibility for co-op only missions, item trading, and just shenanigans with your friends in the Wasteland. I’ve always found the environments of Fallout games to be a tad bland (considering it is a Wasteland) and to travel across the environment with a buddy would probably make things a little more interesting. Hunkered down in a trench with your pals, having a firefight with some Super Mutants or something. Imagine the possibilities, but it would have to be done right. Hell, maybe even make a co-op only storyline for the game.

Playable Ghouls

The Ghouls need to get some love, so I’d like to see the ability to play as one in Fallout 4. They could be an interesting thing to to try. I’d imagine that Ghouls have some kind of resistance to radiation, so that could make for some interesting gameplay elements in the game. Especially for the co-op I mentioned above. Let’s say Timmy is playing as a normal human being, but the quest they’re doing requires someone to walk through an area with extremely high rad levels. Timmy could walk through this area, but he’d either get extremely sick or die from rad poisoning. However, Jimmy is playing as a Ghoul and has a resistance to radiation, and can walk through the area and complete the task that would otherwise endanger, or kill his friend. But of course, there would have to be some disadvantages to playing as a Ghoul, like maybe they move a little slower outside in the cold than their human counterparts.

Advanced Housing

Make the housing more like the home system in Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC. Buy a certain plot of land, and build your house from the ground up using special items, and resources. I’d love to make a massive house in the middle of the Wasteland, and set up a “sniper tower” or something to pick off passing bandits, Super Mutants, or other nasty creatures. And, if it’s going for more a Skyrim housing approach this means there could probably be an option to adopt one of the many orphaned children seen running about the Wasteland, and its various cities/towns. Marriage? Why not. I would love something like this in a Fallout game, and I could see myself spending a lot of time & money into my house. Imagine some of the pets you could get!

Steam Bikes

Instead of just being a mod for Fallout 3, why not make them an actual, driveable vehicle in game? Traveling would be much less of a hassle, and it would just be more fun roaring across the Wasteland on a rumbling bike. This could also incorporate a new type of enemy called “Bikers” that you know, drive around and cause trouble. Give players the ability to customize the look of their bike (paint, logos, etc) to really stand out amongst others and give your bike its own personality.

These are just some things I’d like to see in the next Fallout game. What would you like to see, and why?

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Opinion Piece: Top 5 Games For The Halloween Season

Decided to do an opinion piece on games I recommend you all play for this Halloween season. I was originally planning on doing something everyday for the month of October, but my pal Locke Vincent from Gaming Alchemy is doing a series where he reviews a horror game everyday for the month of October. Check the series out here. I’ve done a couple reviews for the series myself (Dino Crisis & Knock Knock) – [Click Here]

Let’s take a look at some of the spooky titles you guys & gals need to play this horror season. This list is in no particular order, and are horror/creepy titles that I have played that I deemed worthy of this list.

#1 – The Walking Dead

Telltale’s, The Walking Dead is a game everyone who considers themselves a gamer needs to play. It’s based on the comic book version of Walking Dead, more than the television series and is far better than telling a story than it’s TV counterpart. The Walking Dead throws you into the shoes of Lee Everett, and who meets a young girl named Clementine whom he instantly becomes the father figure for, and the two characters develop a very tight bond. Not only does the game provide a very, very well done narrative but it also gives us a fun-game when it’s time to do things. Taking the ‘point-and-click adventure’ gametype, and spinning it around on its head. Your choices in Walking Dead matter, and impact what happens later on during the five episodes of the game. The game also provides some really amazing voice-acting, and can get extremely emotional at times. Your choices from this game will cover over to the sequel, or “Season 2”. I highly recommend everyone check this game out. One of my favorites of this generation.

#2 – Dark Souls

Dark Souls may not be a horror title, or even be considered creepy by some people but its difficulty can be a scary, and terrifying thing. This game is hard as balls. You’ll die a lot, but you’ll learn, you’ll adapt, you’ll persevere. Everytime you die you tackle the situation with a different approach, and when you conquer your obstacles you feel like a true hero, and quite the bad-ass. Ghostly apparitions of other players will run about, and you can watch how other players have died, leave messages for other players from your world. This game is vast, and extremely terrifying. If you play Dark Souls, you’ll surely die. This game is not for the faint of heart. The sequel is coming soon as well! Check this game out, if you don’t mind some excruciating difficulty in your videogames.

#3 – Resident Evil 2

One of the most tense, and scariest games I have ever played. Moments from this game will be seared into my brain for the rest of my life (seeing the Licker for the very first time). This game also introduced my favorite character of the franchise, Leon Kennedy. If you’re a Resident Evil fan you’ve probably played this game, but if you haven’t you really need to get on it. Resident Evil has been going downhill lately, and we still have some gems in the franchise that can take away the bad taste left by RE6, and Operation Raccoon City. Go play Resident Evil 2. Right now.

#4 – Resident Evil 4

Another Resident Evil game on the list, and one of my favorites (even though it took Resident Evil down the shitty path it’s on now). The game brought back Leon Kennedy and this time he’s working for the President, and heads out to find the President’s daughter. He comes across a new type of enemy called the ‘Los Plagas’ and completely throws away everything we’ve loved about our old friends, the zombies. Resident Evil 4 changed the series, and took the game down a more action oriented route, but this didn’t stop RE4 for still having some scary moments, and still being a terrifying game. It now has an HD remake on PSN & XBLA so you have no reason not to check this game out.

#5 – Medievil

One of the first PS1 titles I ever owned, and also one of my favorites. Medievil was a fun game, and I feel it truly suits the Halloween theme for this article, you are playing as a skeleton after-all. The game is probably extremely difficult to find, but if you own a PSP you can always pick up ‘Medievil: Resurrection’ which is essentially a re-imagining of the first game. You control Sir Daniel Fortesque whom is a skeletal knight brought back to life by an evil sorceror named, Zarok. It’s a really great game, and it really gave me a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe when I went back to it a few years ago. This game was brilliant, and I feel like it still holds up today. Give Sir Fortesque some love, just look at that cute lil face.

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Top 5 Sequels I Want To See

I’m a guy who loves his video-games, and a lot of games get sequels nowadays. Sadly, some of these games do not deserve sequels. Some of these games should of just left it at one release, but they just pushed their IP to the point of being stale (Call Of Duty, Gears Of War, etc).

This is a list of games that I’d like to see sequels for. Again, my opinions. You may have different opinions for games you’d like to see, so please tell me what you’d like to see! I’ll also attach trailers for each game if you’ve never heard about the games, and wanna learn a little bit about em.

#1 Dino Crisis 4

#1 Dino Crisis 4

Yes, I realize we had two Dino Crisis sequels (Dino Crisis 2, and 3) and I enjoyed Dino Crisis 2 a lot, but thought 3 was a complete steaming pile of dog crap. That’s why I’d like to see Capcom revisit this franchise, and either remake the first game like the Resident Evil Remake for Nintendo Gamecube, or make a Dino Crisis 4 for next-gen consoles. Dino Crisis 4 could take everything about what DC3 was and toss it in the trash. Maybe bring us a ravaged Earth, with dinosaurs on every continent and players control Regina once again whom is part of a last group of humans on the planet whom are trying to survive and adapt with their prehistoric foes. Give us an apocalypse game that isn’t about zombies for once. Give us a dino-apocalypse. I would just like to see another Dino Crisis game that the fans would want, and hopefully make us forget that the third game even exists.

#2 – The Legend Of Dragoon 2

#2 – The Legend Of Dragoon 2

TLOD was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation, and is also one of my favorite games of all time. I sunk so much time into this game, and it was a long ass game spanning across 4 discs. I also remember it having some of the most difficult boss fights I had ever encountered. I’ll probably get some shit for never defeating the final boss, and that reminds me I should go back to this game soon and see if I can defeat him and make my younger self proud. I heard a sequel was in development but was canceled, and that bums me out. TLOD 2 could be developed and released as a PS4 exclusive title and that alone would make me switch from getting Xbox One, to a PS4 (I am getting both) due to my undying love for the first game. Maybe set it a few decades after the first title with the children of the first games protagonists taking the spotlight. Who knows. There’s a lot that could be done with the universe, and lore behind Dragoon. I would pay top dollar for a sequel. Please someone make this.

#3 – Fallout 4

#3 – Fallout 4

I know there’s rumors and stuff going on right now about a Fallout 4, and that it “may” be in development so I’d just like to talk about how much I want this title, and what I’d like to see done with a new Fallout game to make it unique, and possibly a whole lot of fun. I feel like I’m one of the only folks who didn’t really enjoy New Vegas, and was slightly let down by it. Of course, we’d probably see Fallout 4 on next-gen consoles, so they could use a really nice looking, and stellar engine and just make the game look gorgeous; or at-least as gorgeous as you can make something post-apocalypse look. I’d like to see something unique though, maybe the next Fallout can be set in the Antarctic or something. Instead of what we’ve seen mostly in the Fallout series we could maybe go for an “ice-age” approach. I’d be extremely interested in a frozen, harsh landscape like that. What do you guys think? What kind of setting would you like in the next Fallout game, and would a frozen, ice-age like setting interest you? Hell, maybe even give us the option to play as a Ghoul this time around.

#4 – WarCraft IV

#4 – WarCraft IV

I know we probably won’t see WarCraft return to its RTS roots now that WoW is around, and the story is continuing there but there’s gotta be some people still craving to see at-least one last RTS game in the Warcraft series. I know there was a mod in development for StarCraft II to bring Warcraft back called ‘WarCraft: A New Dawn’ but has since shut down development I believe. I’d imagine Blizzard could make a killing if the game ever decided to revisit its roots one last time and release the best RTS game to ever grace mankind, but I doubt it will happen. I guess it’s really up to the modding community at this point to bring us WarCraft IV. Please someone do it. I was a little disappointed with StarCraft II, and would love to play WarCraft with my friends again as they’ve all moved onto League Of Legends, and DOTA II.

#5 – Left 4 Dead 3

#5 – Left 4 Dead 3

Crucify me if you wish, but I’d rather see Left 4 Dead 3, or even Portal 3 then seeing Half-Life 3. L4D has always been a fun, and interesting game to play with buddies, and has always given intense situations when fighting off hordes of the undead. Of course, the third title in the series would need to step up its game to really stand apart from its previous iterations. I know there’s been rumors floating around about Portal 3, and L4D3 lately but I have little faith believing in things that are rumors, and especially rumors regarding Valve. Left 4 Dead 3 would be a perfect idea to sell the Steam Machine by making it an exclusive title, but I’d imagine it would probably do better on PC, but who really knows at this point how well the Steam Machine is going to do (I won’t be buying one). The game would give us a new cast of characters, new zombie types, a new setting, and hopefully some interesting new game-modes like we saw with Scavenge in L4D2. One of the issues I had with L4D2 is that it felt more like an expansion than a new game, so I’d imagine they could seriously step things up with the third game. Hell, even give it Occulus Rift support or something on release, or cross-platform abilities with PC players and people rocking out on their Steam Machines. Just imagine how big, and glorious this game could be. If Valve ever makes it that is.

What about you guys reading this? Any games you’d like to see get sequels?

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