Faceless Devs Clear The Air

Hey boys, and girls and fans! This is Justin Ross and I’m here to discuss some issues that have arisen in some article that have been put up by Kotaku, and Joystiq regarding Faceless as well as some concerns towards the future of the project. So, please bear with me as myself, and some devs try shining some light on everything that has happened.

First order of business. In a recent post by Kotaku it seems that people believe our game is blocked from Steam’s Greenlight service, and will not be put onto Steam anytime in the future. This is in fact false. A representative from Valve has been in constant contact with members of the development team and have specified that once we have proven that we have the permission from Victor Surge’s option holder than we can finally get the game onto the service. It’s not that we’re being “blocked” from the service, it’s just an issue with the Slenderman entity and that we’re dealing with an outside source to get the game published. There is no issue at all from Valve in this matter.

So, please don’t give Valve any problems. They’re trying to protect Ethereal Entertainment, and themselves from any potential copyright issues down the road. We’re glad they’re supporting us as developers. Have patience guys, we’ll be on Greenlight soon enough! But, if the Greenlight thing doesn’t work we’ll still publish the mod on our own through our ModDB page so you can still play Faceless none the less, which can be found here – http://www.moddb.com/mods/faceless

 The recent events with the greenlight issues are being handled, we have not been “blocked” by VALVe, simply told to get permission from the option holder of Slenderman. – Tom Clay (Programmer for Faceless)

Also, people may remember we had an ESTIMATED date of December for the closed beta. Due to some time restraints with the team, and people have busy schedules we’re going to move the game’s release back to an unknown date, but it will still be released that’s 100% certain. We have everyone who has donated for beta access on a list, and you’ll receive access to the beta once it goes live.

We don’t want you guys playing a buggy, and messy build that just isn’t enjoyable. When Faceless launches we want everyone to have a blast with our game, and get their pants scared off. We want the ultimate experience for everyone, and we can’t have that with a closed beta release for December. The beta will still happen, just at a later date.

I would also like to state that there are no ill intentions or hard feelings towards “The Intruder”. Everyone on Ethereal Entertainment is interested in the game, and I think I can speak for all of us that we’ll play it when it releases. We wish them the best of luck with their project, and all future endeavors. We hope they feel the same way about us, and I hope they can understand we meant nothing negative towards the team, and game.

Also, we’ll be handling management in a new way that seems to have benefited many games in the past. I will no longer be the Project Lead of Faceless, but instead everyone will work together in a more fluid environment to increase productivity and get you guys the best content we can possibly produce.

So, to clear everything up. Faceless is not being canceled, or halted. We’re continuing to develop the game, and we will finish it. Come hell or high water. Nothing will dampen our spirits. We’ll also be keeping things more secretive so don’t expect a ton of updates from here on in. We can’t exactly scare you if you know every detail about the game. Let me be honest though that some of the stuff we have in the works for Faceless that we haven’t revealed is damn awesome.

And again, we love VALVE for their support and constant communication about the Greenlighting, and we love The Intruder developers for what they’re producing. I can also speak on behalf of the development team that you’re going to love Faceless when it releases. We’re doing it for the fans, and the fact that we love video-games and everyone on the team has a huge passion for them.

Also, I’ll begin doing some major writing for the mod in terms of managing the Greenlight page and dedicating my time to writing up stories, diaries, and dialogue pieces for Faceless. I’m extremely confident with my writing and everyone else’s skills on the team that we can produce a solid, horror game for everyone. Plus, it’s free. You’ll have no excuse not to play.

I pardon for the kerfuffles that have arisen with the game, and we’re doing our best to clear everything up. We love you guys, without your support we wouldn’t be here.

– Ethereal Entertainment and Blacklight Studios

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