Treyarch Removes Nuketown 2025 From Playlists


I’m one of those poor sods who pre-ordered Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 because we were told we’d be getting a bonus map for pre-ordering which was a remake of the fan favorite “Nuketown” from the original Black Ops. Being one of my favorite maps I was pretty happy about this opportunity, and hopped to the occasion on being able to play that map again.

Now, let it be known I’ve lost faith with CoD ever since Modern Warfare 2, and didn’t see the series really going anywhere. Yet, I still played the games because really that’s all my friends would play, so if I wanted that social interaction between buddies I had to get the next title in the series. The first Black Ops game is today still one of the better CoD titles after CoD4, but that’s not what this article is about.

If you ever got your hands on the original game you’ll know of Nuketown. It was a close-quarters, action-packed, cluster-fuck and it was hilariously fun. Explosions everywhere, and people running around with shotguns, and ballistic knives made it the most enjoyable multiplayer experience I had from Call Of Duty in a very long time (not to mention Zombies which is essentially the only real saving grace from Black Ops 2, and that in itself doesn’t live up to the great experiences of Zombies in WaW and the original Blops).

The original Nuketown

Nuketown was amazing, and seeing the chance to play it again in Black Ops 2 via a pre-order felt like a necessary cause, because if the game did disappoint I’d at-least have Nuketown 2025 to do matchmaking on, and I’d still have the Zombies mode to dabble with when the game felt stale. So, I dropped the full pre-order funds down on the game and eagerly awaited to play my favorite map again.

Then comes launch day, and the first thing I do is download the map and hop into the play-list for Nuketown 2025, and the map looks visually stunning, and looks really cool compared to the original (makes sense though, as this is based in 2025 and not the 1960s). I have some great gameplay and laughs with friends on the new map and actually feel quite pleased with my pre-order and that it was a nice incentive, but then we get this little gem dropped on us today.

To be fair, David is just reporting the change but still it does make some of the gamers who pre-ordered feel uncomfortable. Was Nuketown 2025 just some ploy to get more people to pick-up the game, and did they use it was a marketing strategy? I’ll have to go with yes on the marketing strategy as I’m not the only person who pre-ordered to get back into Nuketown. Quite a lot people did.

So, it kind of raises suspicions about what Activision/Treyarch are doing with Blops 2. Why did we pre-order the game only to have bonus/incentive taken away? Also, most people don’t like playing Custom Games on the game and would rather hop into matchmaking and buddy up in Nuketown, sure running around and dicking about with friends is fun and all but if you’re offering a map as a pre-order bonus you should actually keep it in the play-lists and map rotations.

Let’s just hope Nuketown 2025 will be added to the core game for everyone else in December along with Nuketown Zombies so we can at-least see it in a playlist, but for now this really sucks.

What do you guys think?

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