Emotions In Video-Games

Can video-games have emotions? Can you have an emotional attachment to a character? My honest opinion would be a very, very strong yes. What do you guys think? I’d love to hear some other opinions. Is there a death scene, or any scene particular that hit you on an emotional level in a video-game?

Here’s three scenes from games that have really hit me hard. These three have hit me really hard when I experienced them. Also, the entire experience in Walking Dead: Episode 5 that was released yesterday has some emotions to it as well, but I shall not spoil, but let it be known it’s a huge tear jerker.

This ending got me. I was only 13 when I played the game, but something about the whole experience was amazing. Plus, that ending is really sad. I’d have to say it’s my favorite ending to any Zelda game yet (Have yet to finish Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword).

It doesn’t help that he’s essentially your companion through-out the entire game, and you have to say goodbye forever. It sucks.

Hey, there Zack. If you’ve played Final Fantasy VII you’ll know of Zack and Cloud’s relationship and how he had passed away prior to the events of the game. Zack finally got his own game via PSP called “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core”, and this scene is pretty damn heart-breaking and it sort of leads to some of the mental problems Cloud experiences in FF7. They’re best friends, and I relate to this scene very much now as I lost one of my best friends about four years ago.

It may not hit any of you as hard as it hits me, but that’s okay. Share yours!

Having played since Gears Of War 1, this death is one that really hits hard. We see a beloved character make a sacrifice for his friend/adopted brother “Marcus”, and he makes a really heart-felt speech before doing so. This ending made me tear up so bad, and I mean bad. Combined with the pain and anguish from Marcus, and Dom making one last statement to his now late wife “Maria” just makes it more emotional. The kicker? Mad World playing in the background.

Thoughts? Share your emotional scenes, or moments where a game hit you on an emotional level.

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