Kyoto Proves Games Can Be Works Of Art

Kyoto by illogictree is a musical experimentation game and it’s an extremely calming, and beautiful experience. The game was released on November 27th 2012 and is instantly sitting at a “10” rating on IndieDB which is a website designated for indie developers to show off their games, and get some people interested in said games.

I don’t know what it is about Kyoto, but there’s just something about it that pulls me right in. It’s such a small download (at only 6mb) so nobody has an excuse not to download the game and experience it for themselves. It’s emotional, beautiful, and as I’ve mentioned above it’s extremely calming. I was stressed out all day but after dipping into Kyoto something changed inside me and I was instantly calm, and happy again.

It’s great. If you’re having a rough day, just boot up the game and bask in it’s beauty, and calming sounds. That’s what really sells the game for me. The sounds, and visuals that are presented to the player. Sure, it’s not a fully fledged game, but it’s more of an experiment on the system that was developed for this and for me it proves that games can be works of art.

Seriously. Visit this link now ( and give the game a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

Now they just need to realize a screensaver of Kyoto. I could fall asleep so easily with those sounds/music. It’s that soothing.

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