Doctor Who MMORPG Details/Revealed

doctor who mmorpg

So, earlier this week I revealed the current game I’m working on which is an MMO set in the Doctor Who universe. I’ve played numerous Doctor Who games and have always felt they’ve been missing something that makes the series so unique, and that’s time travel. One of the basics for the game is the time-traveling, and I’ve really put no restrictions onto it. Players can explore the universe/galaxies as they see fit without being restricted. There will be multiple approaches on how the game can be played, and how you can handle the world and situations that unfold before you. Let’s drop off some details then shall we?

I don’t want to reveal any artwork or game-play for the game quite yet. I like surprises, and remember what River Song and The Doctor say. No spoilers.

Players will be able to play from a total of 5 races. These include Humans, Silurians, Cat-Kind, Time Lord and Ganger. Each of these races will have their own unique set of abilities/skills. However, I’m not revealing too much about them either. But yes, Time Lords!

Each player will get their own TARDIS once they complete the tutorials, and starter quests. You should be about Level 10 at this point. Players will be able to customize their TARDIS interior from a variety of colors, objects and more. Plus, it’s your main source of transportation!

A story that expands across all of time and space. Every single time line, and era have collided. Experience dinosaurs in New York, Neanderthals in Mexico, and much much more. All current regenerations of The Doctor will make an appearance too. Your mission is to set everything straight, and get the time-streams back into working order and do so before the entire galaxy is deleted from existence.

Take on, and encounter a variety of species from the television programme. Deal with Daleks, Cyberman, The Silence, and much much more!

Party up with friends and travel the cosmos, exploring planets and anywhere at your own will. There are no restrictions.

Achievements. Achievements are cool.

– Fully customize the looks of your character from their head, down to their toes. Players who want to replicate the look of their favorite Doctor can accomplish special tasks, and find certain objects that will lead them to a Doctor’s attire. Do you fancy yourself the Eleventh Doctor’s get-up?

Your actions have consequences. Keeping certain people alive can change the outcome of the universe. The same is said for killing people. Everything hangs in the balance with your decisions. Choose wisely.

Mini-games that can award the players with experience, money, and loot. Plus they’re fun!

Sprite based. This means it will run on any PC out there. We want everyone to enjoy the game, no matter their PC specs.

– Much, much more.


Like I said. I didn’t want to reveal too much about the game but there’s the basics of the entire thing. Hopefully I can get some people interested. It is being developed by my solo independent studio “Fiddelhead Games”.  Keep a look out, the release might just coincide with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.



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5 Responses to Doctor Who MMORPG Details/Revealed

  1. Will this be available on mac?

  2. Ed says:

    I hope it will my fantastic. For my character’s outfit, I was thinking blue jeans, with the Ninth Doctor’s black coat, the Tenth Doctor’s suit shirt, and the Eleventh Doctor’s bow tie. And…Maybe a fez…

    This game is cool.

  3. gregsplays says:

    i can’t wait for this, i’ll probably be able to promote this game when its released with my youtube channel

  4. i can’t wait to have a go at this game it sounds like it will be one popular game when it is finished.

  5. Is this project still going on, I so hope so, iv’e been looking forward to this all year, this is just the Game I crave. It would break my heart if this has stopped.

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