Happy New Years From Faceless

Welcome to 2K13! We hope you all had a great New Year’s. We’re providing you with a little update today since it’s a milestone date so going silent is not an option. So without further ado, we introduce our first (and relatively minimal) update of this new year.

Images are all in-game, no post-prod or any of that fancy shizzle.

— Hyde St. Station by forbiddendonut (Dillon). —

Slenderman is now 30% taller. It actually freaked all of us out doing this and seeing it run at us. (Model/Texture/Anims still a WIP.)

Colour Correction
Lens Flares (Subtle)
Godrays (Moonrays ~ Subtle-ish)

And many more to come.

Family is important, wouldn’t you agree?
It seems like we are prioritising the North family, whilst Adam North is a playable character he is no different from the rest of the characters who happen to be his friends also on the search for Daniel the lost brother, but ultimately all players get sidetracked for their own survival.

And the New Year’s ‘North Rising’ Teaser.

— ‘North Rising’ by Sklarlight (Adam). —

Well I suppose that’s it for the New Year’s Update! Nothing major, but we hope it was nice and good enough for now. We hope you enjoy what we have on show and that a lot more exciting things are to be arriving over the next few months!



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