Pikachu 3DS XL Review

On March 13th the US Pokemon Twitter account tweeted out a sneak peek of what appeared to be the corner of the awesome Pikachu 3DS XL. They said it would be officially announced the next day and what do you know, the next day on Twitter it was announced. Being a huge Pokemon fan I loved that the US was finally getting this beautiful version of the 3DS XL. I ran to my local GameStop and traded in my current red 3DS XL for some extra credit. When I got back home I jumped on the computer and reserved my very own system.

(The tweet that hinted towards the announcement of the Pikachu 3DS XL)

Once the time rolled around that my system came in I ran to my room and started unboxing it. I was astounded by how bright the yellow actually was in person. Pictures could not do this thing justice. I believe the best way for you to see how vibrant the colors are, is to either see it in person or watch a high quality video of an unboxing.

Pikachu pops off the console straight out at you as the yellow background compliments the white interior very well. Before I get too in-depth with this overview, take a look at my own unboxing video that I made the day after the console’s release:

(Video courtesy of Richie D Rants)

As you can see from the video this console really shines. It improves on a console that in itself improved on the 3DS. From here on out I’ll categorize my thoughts into two sections, Style and Functionality. So here it goes! My review of the Pikachu 3DS XL…


(A look at the system and its box)

Wow. simply put, this system looks beautiful. Everything from the paint job to the body itself shines. At first glance the first thing that will hit you is of course the reason you bought the console in the first place, Pikachu. I’ll come right out and say it, Pikachu looks absolutely adorable in this pose. This is the perfect position to choose for the 3DS. It effectively uses the space given and doesn’t crowd the system either.

The next thing that will hit you is how vibrant the yellow is. This shade of yellow will set you apart from your other gamer friends who own 3DS’s and 3DS XL’s. While the yellow is a very wild color, it is tamed by the whitewash used on the rest of they system everything from the inside of the 3DS, to the SD card slot is white. Even the stylus is white! When I first saw this online I believed that doing this part in black would have been better, but once I received the system and had it in my hands I could see that white was a very nice choice of color for this piece.

Now I’ll be honest with you. This 3DS XL is nothing short of a conversational piece. I have mine displayed in my dorm on my desk that’s visible as you walk in my room. Every person who has walked in has commented on it. Don’t expect to buy this console and not get questioned about it. You will have to talk to people about it because many people my age grew up with Pokemon and seeing one as iconic as Pikachu will spark a nostalgic fire in their hearts. Personally, I love this as talking about video games and things of that nature with gamers and non-gamers alike is something that I really enjoy.

(How I have my 3DS XL displayed in my dorm. Two of Nintendo’s biggest names in one spot!)

As you can see I’m a huge fan of how this thing looks. The whole ensemble is why I fell in love with it when it was announced. This system embodies the spirit of the Pokemon name and it’s charm is unparalleled. I truly believe that the people behind the design of this system hit the nail right on the head.


Let’s be truthful here. All in all the Pikachu 3DS XL is just a 3DS XL with a new paint job. There’s nothing ground breaking when it comes to it’s hardware. Just like the normal 3DS XL’s the screen is 90% bigger which makes every  3DS game and DS game look absolutely beautiful. The enhanced screen size really breathes a new life into every game you play and can extend the replayability of many games, like Mario Kart 7 for example.

If you loved the 3DS XL design before you’ll love now and vice versa. Personally I think the current design blows the look of the overly-boxy 3DS out of the water. I really find the the rounded edges and matte finish greatly improved the overall look of the console for the better. Not having to wipe off finger smudges every time I use the console is something that I really like about this system. Also bumpers were put in on the inside of the upuer half of the system to stop the annoying touching that caused smudging on the upper screen. The was one of my biggest pet peeves of the original 3DS and the fixing of this issue was a huge thing in my book.

Final Verdict

Well as you can tell from what you’ve read above, I love this system. Everything from the colors used to the layout of Pikachu itself is perfect. If you don’t have any sort of 3DS go out and buy this. If you have a 3DS do the same thing. The only reason you should even consider not running to your local store would be if you already own a 3DS XL. That scenario is the only reason I could see any argument being made. I mean I guess if you hate Pokemon and Pikachu you wouldn’t want this system, but if you do why are you reading this article? All jokes aside this is a great system. I love this thing and recommend it to anyone. Be sure to pick it up while you can because from what I’ve heard supplies are limited!


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it up! Big thanks to Manio for letting me do this on his site as well! If you want to see more of my work you can check out my site HERE. While you’re at it go to my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts  too! Hopefully I’ll be back in the future to write to you guys again.

-Richie D.

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