“The End” Is Extremely Underwhelming

The End Portal

I’ve been playing Minecraft ever since it released on the PC back in 2009, but took a long break until 2011 in which I played it more heavily, but then ultimately stopped do to issues with my gaming PC. Luckily, the Xbox version launched in 2012 so I’ve been able to play the game more frequently again.

Having not experienced “The End” when it came to PC Minecraft, I decided to dive in when the update was brought to the Xbox version last week. Ultimately, I can see it’s not what I expected.

As the end content, and final boss of the game it fell really flat for me. The Enderdragon didn’t feel like much of a challenge. I had Diamond Armor, a Diamond Sword, and a ton of food with me because I thought this boss fight would take a toll on me, but ultimately I only lost a few pieces of my armor, but ended up killing the Dragon without much of a struggle, which bothers me a little.

I assumed the End would be an expansive area similar to The Nether where players could explore, and do things but instead it seems we only have a small area with a cluster of Endermen, and the Enderdragon flying about. I’m just not feeling too good about The End, but I feel like I’m the minority.

What about everyone else? Are you with me on saying The End doesn’t feel like the right kind of “challenge” for this game? I was expecting a lot more from it, and came out feeling heavily disappointed.

I’m not up to date on PC Minecraft, but I do know there’s another boss mob in that version. How does his difficulty compare to Enderdragon?

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