Why Catbug Would Make The Perfect Game…

Soft tacos later!

Let’s be honest here. I cannot stand Pendleton Ward’s series, Adventure Time. I seriously cannot stand it. However, he does web-series called Bravest Warriors and I adore that series for one reason, and one reason alone. Catbug.

He’s hilarious, cute, blue, and is a mixture of a cat & lady-bug. What more could you ask for in a cartoon character? Did I mention he’s hilarious?

Imagine this. A video-game for consoles where the player hops into the shoes of our hero, Catbug. Taking on monsters, hopping to other dimensions, and bringing Sugar Peas to his friends (a reference that will explained in the attached video). But honestly, I just feel that he’d make the perfect hero, for the perfect video-game.

He’s extremely likable, and it would definitely cater towards the younger crowd of course. However, being in my early 20’s myself I still love the character.

Sugar Peas!

Let’s discuss some of the key features we could see in a game, and why it would work. Wee!

  • A platformer game featuring unique teleporting/jumping sequences in which Catbug hops to other worlds and possibly brings things back to aid in the puzzles he’s encountered.
  • He’s adorable. Who couldn’t play a game having this beloved character sprouting lines of ridiculous dialogue at every turn? “Throw a blanket over it!” “Put a little fence around it!”
  • He already has a huge fan following. I believe everyone would want to hop into his shoes and save the world. One soft taco at a time.
  • No combat, just completing puzzles!
  • And whatever else our little hero could do!

Seriously. Someone out there make a Catbug game, or I’ll have to do it myself.



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One Response to Why Catbug Would Make The Perfect Game…

  1. Dr. Russle says:

    shut up

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