The Worst Of The Zelda Games

Look. Even Link is sad about this list.

I’ve been a fan of Zelda for a very long time, and I’d have to admit there’s been a fair share of stinkers in my opinion in the entire franchise. Well, maybe at-least three of them that I didn’t really enjoy like everyone else, and essentially thought they were the worst of the franchise. Keep in mind some of these titles are acclaimed well among people, and reviewers alike but I just couldn’t find a way to give them any love, and in the end came to not liking them.

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link: By far the worst of the bunch. Zelda doesn’t work being a platformer, and I have no idea why Nintendo decided to switch from the amazing design in Link’s Awakening over to this disgusting mess for Zelda II. It wasn’t fun, and it just doesn’t feel like a Zelda game at all. It’s just one hot mess that most Zelda fans should avoid. I’d be curious if anyone actually liked this game.

Yum, look at that crap.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess: I know, I know. Lots of people really liked this one, but I didn’t find myself enjoying much of the overall experience here with Princess. Sure, it looked amazing for a Gamecube title (I didn’t play the Wii version) but on terms of gameplay, and an overall feel I just didn’t enjoy the game.

The wolf bits were neat the first time, but I ended up despising those moments and just wanted to play as Human Link. I found no enjoyment running around as the wolf and killing baddies, and solving the wolf-based puzzles. They were frustrating, and the control for the wolf felt really janky. It was a neat idea, but I just felt it wasn’t executed as well as it should be. I never finished the game because of my lack of interest, and lack of “enjoyment” I had with it. I was near the end from what my friends told me, but I just can’t make myself finish it.

Wolf Link ain’t fun.

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Another Zelda game that didn’t catch my eye, or keep my interest unlike the majority of the gaming world. The main reason for that being the Nintendo Wii as a console (thankfully the Wii U has moved a tad away from motion bullshit) and it’s stupid motion bullshit. The main reason I didn’t pick up TP when it had its Wii port was for that reason, and having to use the Wiimote and waggle my way through things wasn’t fun in Skyward Sword. It’s gimmicky, stupid, and really just not all that fun.

The Wii worked great for games like Wii Sports, and what-not. I just feel like Skyward Sword wasted a lot of potential being a title for the Wii, and could of done better on the Wii U by moving away from all that motion based bull-shit. And let’s be honest, the writing in this game seemed to be worse than any other, not to mention how slow the intro/tutorial segment was for this one.

Waggle, waggle, snore…

Crucify me if you wish, but this the point of an opinion piece. My opinion? I thought these were the worst of the Zelda titles. What about you? What are yours?


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6 Responses to The Worst Of The Zelda Games

  1. Greg Wampler says:

    Horrible reasonings…. also, The original Zelda came before Zelda 2. Not Link’s Awakening which originally released in 1993 on GameBoy. Also, I understand it’s simply a matter of tatse and opinion, but after going back and playing (and finishing) Zelda 2, it’s actually quite a good game and I belive the biggest reason people hate it is because of the challenge.

  2. erica says:

    I loved Twilight Princess, Skyward sword didnt quite match it though. A link to the past is one of my favorites and Ocarina of time.. well im still on the Bongo boss haha

  3. yes says:

    The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Another Zelda game that didn’t catch my eye, or keep my interest unlike the majority of the gaming world.

    What? The majority of the Zelda-Fans will agree with you.

  4. Arthur says:

    Zelda II was an original, hard and interesting game, just different. I enjoy it but its not for everyone, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a great Zelda, I just play the wii versión. And The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, playing it past half the game now. Its not waggle at all, you have to move smart or are dead. Its clever and beatiful game. So if this games are the worst all the rest should be just perfect XD.

  5. J.N. Young says:

    I’ve played every Zelda game with the exception of the CD one’s and the Japanese exclusives and streaming ones. I have to say I’ve enjoyed all of them but my least favorite ones were Zelda II (the difficulty), Skyward Sword (they removed the over world feeling of Hyrule fields), and Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (charming, but lacking in content).

  6. Zelda 2 is still good, just not for a Zelda game
    12. Zelda 1
    you can take Mario Bros 3 and it would be good if it came out today, but if Zelda 1 came out today it would be called terrible.

    11. Zelda 2
    It’s fun, but hard

    10. Links Awakening
    It’s to easy to figure out where to go next, just talk on the phone

    9. 4 Swords Adventures
    I can only play by myself, but I still like it.

    8. A Link to the Past
    You will kill me when you see everything I put in front of it

    7. Ocarina of Time
    I don’t have anything thing to say about this.

    6. Majora’s Mask
    It’s better than Ocarina of Time.

    5. Wind Waker
    The Triforce quest isn’t tedious if you discover all the island names by doing the bait thing, but make sure you finish discovering islands before the hunt starts.

    4. Spirit Tracks
    Go ahead, kill me.

    3. Minish Cap

    2. Twilight Princess
    People either like this game or hate it, I like it.

    1. Skyward Sword
    It’s not a bad game, and the entire fanbase does not think this is in the top 3 worst, these games are the top 3 worst
    1. Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
    2. Zelda’s Adventure
    3. Link: Faces of Evil

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