State Of Decay: First Impressions

State Of Decay, an open-world, zombie survival RPG game developed by Undead Labs. From first glance seeing footage, and hearing details about it  I was skeptical. Zombies games were already on the decline, and I had just came off a minor disappointment with playing Dead Island (being the last zombie title I ever touched) and saw this, and cast it aside as just another zombie game.

And boy, was I wrong…

Immediately the game tosses you into the epidemic; waking up at a campsite and having to fight off a few zombies was nice. I liked how the game threw you into the shit immediately, and gave you some skulls to bash in, even though you’re armed with a branch, or some sort of tree limb.

After dispatching these few zombies I was tasked with walking towards a ‘Ranger Station’ to see if there were any survivors, and low and behold there were, but sent me out to look for more survivors, which wasn’t a big deal. I found my first survivor/second playable character, Maya and headed back to the station to see something…interesting (no spoilers here!). So, we high-tailed it out of the campground area, and made our way to the nearby town where we met up with the larger group of survivors at a Church.

I’ll admit, the game up to this point wasn’t really drawing me in, but it was this moment where it kicked me right in the balls, and I yelped awesome (not literally) and got right into how the game was progressing. I was hanging out, killing zombies, scavenging supplies, and looking for more people to recruit for our zombie cause. Found a decent amount of people (currently at 10) and decided to go on my way and do some quests. I love quests.

Either way, I went on my way and had to find some Doctor, and get him to help a buddy of mine who’d been bitten. Sounded easy enough, so I took a muscle car (not the most practical vehicle for the outbreak) and made my way to the house where the Doctor was staying, along with some less…desirable people.

We fought off some zombies, and then some fat, big, motherfu**er came out of nowhere and ran into the house (my mistake for leaving the door open) and he picked me up, and essentially ripped me in half, and well death was pretty immediate. Waiting for the “Game Over” screen I noticed something else, something juicy. I was playing as another character, and not Marcus (the first character you start as) and realized death was handled very differently in this game, and that made me love it even more.

Now, I’m playing through State Of Decay as someone else right now, and hoping I can live up to the amazing feats, and legacy of Marcus (which albeit wasn’t much) but this game is easily one of the best games I’ve played this year so far, and I hope it keeps up with the amazing quality, and spectacular gameplay I’ve been experiencing.

Holy balls. This game is good.

Stay tuned for the review, which should be coming in a few days or so.

– Justin Ross

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