I’m Delving Into UDK – Alas Mortis (Free-To-Play)


I’ve decided to start my own original project after having left the Faceless development team, with no hard feelings with the new development team. So, please continue to support Faceless. It’s come a long way!

Alas Mortis is my project, my original idea, the game I will be using to get a better understanding of the Unreal Engine/Unreal Development Kit. The game will be released for free, and anyone can install the game and play it day one of release without having to purchase anything. You may remember the original development team of Faceless was called “Ethereal Entertainment” and Alas Mortis is being helmed by Ethereal, but we have since changed the name to Fiddlehead Games after a studio by the name of Ethereal Entertainment was found to exist. But, let’s have some information about my game shall we?


Alas Mortis is a horror game, that’s multiplayer. Two teams. 9 players play as everyday citizens of a small town trying to survive on a variety of maps (Farmland, Abandoned Hospital) with two maps mentioned coming out in the early access part of the game, with more levels coming out during development. The other team consists of one player who plays as a demon who’s goal is to hunt down the 9 players within the time limit using a variety of abilities, and weapons at his disposal. The demon is more-so a humanoid-bat creature and will have the ability to fly around said maps. The human players have no weapons, and must hide to survive. Think of it as a horrific, gruesome, terrifying game of hide & seek.
It’s being made in UDK, and hopefully will be released on Steam. It’s going to be free-to-play so anyone can pick up the game and play it.



  • A multiplayer experience that’s competitive, but frightening at the same time. The Demon can be anywhere, and will be hunting you down one, by one. Keep your eyes, and ears open.
  • Flashlight beams, and Flares can slow the Demon down and this is the only way human players can defend themselves. There will be no weapons for the human player. Hide, or run. Your choice.
  • Variety of human characters to play as ranging from a Doctor, to a man dressed up in a bunny suit. Human, and Demon skins will be unlocked by leveling up. Make yourself stand out amongst the crowd, with each skin/character having a backstory of their own.
  • An arsenal of weapons, as well as abilities for the Demon to use while hunting the human players down.
  • Game will launch in Early Access with two maps, and one game-mode. More maps, and game-modes will then be added to the game for free.
  • Proximity based voice-chat, and no HUD will help make the players feel truly isolated. Never knowing when an ally has been slain. You could truly be alone, and not even know it. The Demon will also be able to eat the bodies of the fallen to hide the evidence.
  • Totally Free-To-Play. No money required to play!
  • And, Achievements/Trading Cards/etc if we can get onto Steam.
  • Will also try for Occulus Rift support if possible!

So, hopefully Alas Mortis interests you, and you’ll start tracking this project! It’s currently in the very, very early stages and lots of concepts are being tossed around, and made before the heavier development begins. Here’s some of those concept images.


Cerebrum – Demon Weapon


The Demon (non-clothed)


The Demon (clothed)

You can track the game’s progress here – INDIEDB

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