I’m Addicted To Snapping Photos In GTA V


Bad timing for a selfie…

Most of time right now is spent with GTA Online, and I’m one of the only people who haven’t been experiencing issues, so I feel blessed. The patch finally came out on Xbox 360 this morning at 4am EST, so I finally got to screw around with my buddies and it resulted in a plethora of pictures. Most which turned out shitty, so I won’t be sharing those.

I really like the Snapmatic features in the game. Especially that it works online. For people like myself who don’t own a capture-card it’s pretty great that I can capture some moments of playing the game with my friends, and then sharing said photos with my Crew, and friends all over the internet.

I love this feature, and I know for a fact I’ll be using it more. So, take a look at some other pictures I’ve snapped in GTA Online.


Punched the crap outta some NPC’s in a bar with my pal.


My car got wrecked by a train 😦

I’m really enjoying my experience as a whole with GTA Online, and GTA V in total. Do you have any funny moments in GTA V captured in photos, or just have some funny stories? Share them in the comments!

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2 Responses to I’m Addicted To Snapping Photos In GTA V

  1. charlie says:

    One thing that makes snapping pictures of GTA V during live play enjoyable is the fact that the graphics are really good. It’s amazing just how far video games have come especially in terms of improvements made on graphics texture. So I understand you when you say that you are addicted to snapping photos in GTA V.

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