Opinion Piece: The Worst Games I Have Ever Played Of This Generation

I’m currently playing through Aliens: Colonial Marines for the very first time, and it gave me the inspiration to compile a list of some of the worst games I have ever touched in my 21 years of being a gamer. Of course this is an opinion list so you might not agree with some of my choices, and I’d like to know if you disagree, and what games you think were the worst you ever laid your hands on. This list is no particular order as I can’t really find a way to figure out which game was the worst for me. In my opinion they were all equally terrible experiences in the end. This is a list of 5 of those games and decided these were the ones to get highlighted even though I’ve played a ton of wank.

Resident Evil 6; the not so scary/not fun iteration in the Resident Evil franchise.

Some people may be confused that I’m listing RE6 on my list of worst games. Now, I was extremely excited about this game mainly because some of the trailers made me feel like we’d be going back on a nostalgic trip to the Raccoon City days from what we were seeing with Leon Kennedy, but in fact it did the exact opposite. What we got as an end product was an over the top action shooter with “zombies” and mutated humanoids. It took everything I loved about Resident Evil and took it down a path of shit. I’ll be honest, my love for the series slowly died when Resident Evil 5 was released and this game was essentially the final nail in the coffin, and yes I have played Operation Raccoon City (before Resident Evil 6). Luckily, I’ve heard rumors involving Resident Evil 7 and how Capcom is intending on going back to the survival-horror roots that we grew to love in the original installment of games. Again, these are all rumors and the little kid inside of me wishes that we’d see a return to classic Resident Evil, and maybe even a return to Dino Crisis? In the end I found Resident Evil 6 to be too-action packed, and just didn’t feel like Resident Evil at all to me. I think the only section of the game I enjoyed was Leon’s campaign when you’re fighting actual zombies. Everything else was forgettable.

Lucius; the game where you portray the son of Satan himself. In the end, it was just down-right boring & broken.

Lucius. This game concept intrigued me greatly and I couldn’t resist buying it on Steam when it released. What I actually received was a boring, poorly designed game that had no value of fun to it what-so-ever. The concept was new; you play as the son of Satan and have to kill the residents of your big mansion; and it honestly feels like the game version/adaptation of The Omen. Just not as interesting, or engaging. The kills are all predetermined and linear so you cannot change the way, or method of dispatching your victims. I feel like the game could of been more fun, and exciting if could actually choose the way the people are taken out. Instead we have to complete some really annoying and frustrating puzzles only to be rewarded with some really underwhelming death cinematic. This game also has some of the worst voice acting i have ever experienced in a video game, and bundled with all the other issues present in Lucius I can’t really recommend it to anyone. Not to mention there’s an instance where you have to complete chores. Yes, you get to play a video-game and perform actual chores that are completely painful, and boring to experience and for me it took me right out of the experience. I’m sorry Lucius, but I didn’t have fun playing with you.

Aliens Colonial Marines; A horribly clunky mess, full of flaws and poor design.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a more recent entry to this list having just picked it up for $5 a few days ago. Someone was selling it online for $5 and I still wanted to try this game even with the flood of negative reviews and controversy. I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise and figured I should at-least try the game and give it a chance. I hopped into the game and was greeted with issues that everyone complained about. The game controls like I’m moving around in molasses. The player movements feel sluggish, and unresponsive at times. Not to mention the AI for the Xenomorphs is just abysmal. They’ll hop around, and then randomly stop in the middle of the environment, not moving and completely open to attacks. Thus making the game feel like a breeze to get through and my only instances of death were results of the poor controls, and just how badly this game performs. One instance in particular had me stuck in a “dialogue” sequence after the fact and I couldn’t fire, or reload my weapons, and with no way of defending myself I was torn apart by the Xenos. I’ve dabbled a little with the multiplayer and even that was a shit show. The Aliens feel incredibly weak, and the Marines feel like they can tear the Aliens apart without any skill, or thinking required. Just shoot and things die. That’s another issue I have with the game. I’d expect something terrifying, and challenging from the Aliens but instead they’re just too easy to dispatch and I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment, or even a challenge playing this game. I expected something to feed on my fears of the Aliens as a child, but instead I got a laughable game with poor controls.

The War Z; A game so bad, and with so much controversy the developers re-branded it to Infestation: Survivor Stories.

This might be the worst game I have ever played. The developers promised a lot and we ended up with something that was so horribly made, and just felt like a quick “get rich” scheme based on the success of the mod for Arma II, Day Z. War Z essentially ripped everything off from DayZ, and produced a horrible clone that was essentially unplayable. The game wasn’t exactly cheap either, and really felt impossible to enjoy the experience while playing. Horrible spawns, the worst micro transactions I have ever seen, and horrible developer ethic really set this game up for failure. I can understand trying to take a popular concept and making your own (like I tried with Faceless) but at least try something new, don’t essentially make the same game and try selling that.  The game also had lots of controversy surrounding its development such as the Lead Designer, Sergey Titov calling spawn-campers in the game “faggots” as well as numerous issues with refunds not being requested. Something I was trying for since day one, and have had zero luck to this date. In the end I feel like all these issues led to the re-branding of the game in a hope to hide/get away from all the negative press. I highly recommend everyone avoid this title like the plague. Nothing good came out of this game. From numerous glitches, server issues, and just how broken the game feels you should just avoid it, and let it die. I also think it’s one of the lowest rated games on Metacritic, if not the lowest.

Sonic The Hedgehog; By far the worst Sonic game ever made, and it even came bundled with a Sonic+Human romance! Gross.

I think you all can agree with me that Sonic has been on a downward slope now for a long time. A horrible camera, and some really questionable controls, bundled with a weird romance between Sonic and human female gives us the worst game in the entire Sonic franchise. The character control doesn’t feel smooth and fluid like previous iterations, the save system is god-awful, and the game just felt incredibly unpolished, and ultimately not a finished product. It really pains me to rag on one of my favorite childhood gaming icons, but you have fallen far, old friend. The action bits aren’t fun, and even when he get brought back to the nostalgic platforming that sadly isn’t enough to save this trainwreck of a video-game. Hardcore Sonic fans might get some joy out of this game, but I couldn’t find any. You could probably find a copy in a bargain bin for like $2 if you’re that interested in torturing yourself. Luckily, Sonic Generations which was released in 2011 helped put Sonic on the rise and is actually a pretty fun game to play. In the end, avoid Sonic 2006. It’s not good.

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3 Responses to Opinion Piece: The Worst Games I Have Ever Played Of This Generation

  1. Milly says:

    I loved your list. I so agree with the resident evil part. I don’t play it myself so much since I freak out and suck at tank controls but I’m a huge fan of the universe. What they do in more recent parts sucks big time. The game I’m missing here is dead space 3. I feel the problem with it is of the same type. So much hype, so many expectations and it was the worst game I’ve ever played. No proper plot, silly villain, terrible acting x_X

  2. I haven’t even tried RE6 yet, because i hated the un-logical QTE’s in RE5, It seems that the creators of Lucius should play Kagero deception, now that was a fun game

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