Opinion Piece: The Worst Games I Have Ever Played Of This Generation – Part 3

Part 3, because I hate myself and have nothing better to do.

I’ve decided to do a third part of this article to list more games. I feel like I should of done one big article including all of the games I’ve disliked from this generation but I feel like that would take forever. So, here’s 5 more from the current gen that I haven’t exactly enjoyed. This will probably be the last list. Again, these are games that I have played, so there will probably be some steamy piles of crap not on here simply because I haven’t played them.

Orion Dino Beatdown; Could of been a revolutionary game about dinosaurs, but was just all over the place & broken.

Orion Dino Beatdown, now rebranded as Orion Dino Horde. When Beatdown first launched it was a horribly, broken mess. The game had numerous crashing issues, the dinosaur AI was horrible, the difficulty wasn’t balanced and would ramp up out of nowhere and made this game nearly impossible to play. A lot of the concepts seemed like they’d be really cool, and work really well but the end product just fell really flat, and this game just wasn’t fun at all.

Blacksite Area 51; This is one alien invasion that isn’t exciting.

One of my first games I owned on Xbox 360, yes I got my 360 a little late and this was one of the games I bought with it. I was a fan of the original Area 51 game and figured this game would be essentially the same thing, and bring me the same amount of joy I had with Area 51. That didn’t happen. The game was labeled as a “science-horror” game but to me I didn’t feel any moments of horror at all romping through Blacksite. Nothing really captured me, and I left extremely underwhelmed and thoroughly unimpressed by this game.The characters were also severely unlikable, and the gunplay didn’t feel too good. Multiplayer was also quite the snore when I could find a match. This game is probably cheap as hell now if you’re curious, otherwise I’d say look the other way. It feels like a poorly done Resistance, and you’d just be better off playing Resistance on the PS3.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City; The worst Resident Evil game I have ever played. It even topples Resident Evil 6.

Operation Raccoon City, the third-person, tactical Resident Evil game that I don’t think anybody really enjoyed, but if you did I’d love to know why. It’s a shame that 2012 graced us with two titles that crapped on the Resident Evil franchise but Operation is by far the worst offender of the two. As you can probably guess the game is set during the events of Raccoon City and we’re fighting zombies, and various Umbrella experiments again which is my main reason for checking the game out, plus I thought it looked neat. The story didn’t make much sense, this new crop of characters were incredibly bland, and unlikable and frankly this game isn’t fun. The campaign isn’t interesting, or exciting to play through and there’s various moments that are just plain frustrating. The multiplayer doesn’t even need to be mentioned because it’s just forgettable at best.

Dark Void; Clunky, poor visuals, and all around stale.

Dark Void is an interesting game to look at, but when actually playing the game its true colors shine. What we get is a game that feels weird to play mixing third-person shooter combat with an odd platforming element using a jetpack that just feels off. It doesn’t feel good to jump from cover, to cover using the jetpack (usually done when scaling a cliffside) and I’d often miss my mark and get shot to pieces, or fall to my death. The combat also feels extremely lazy with not much thought put into it, and the enemies take a TON of damage which then reduces the enjoyment of the game to pretty much nothing. I was craving to finish the mission I was on so I’d be one step closer to the end.

Hunter’s Trophy 2 America; A hunting game that feels more like a chore, and doesn’t actually feel like a hunting game.

An Xbox 360 Arcade title this game was by far the worst game I have ever downloaded onto my console. The game feels like it should be one of those generic hunting games you can find anywhere, and win out of a cereal box. It controls extremely poorly, and there’s little hunting to the actual core game. Instead, it’s more of a tracking game and once you finish the tracking minigame you have a few seconds to shoot the prey before it runs off for good. I prefer my hunting games to have me actually explore my environments, and hunt using my skills, and actually require me to think. Not play some extremely linear experience that has 0% fun value, and isn’t worth the money spent to try this game out. However, there’s easy achievements if you’re one of those people. Seriously though. It might not even be worth the time you waste.


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3 Responses to Opinion Piece: The Worst Games I Have Ever Played Of This Generation – Part 3

  1. I recommend checking out ‘ORION: Dino Horde’ again… it’s vastly improved (and different). The game has been regularly updated on a near-weekly basis:

    It has had substantial amounts of content added as well:
    -10 Game modes (instead of 5).
    -25 Multiplayer Maps (instead of 7).
    -200+ Achievements (instead of 100+)

    Version 3.0 / the Jurassic Update is releasing later this month in which we have remastered the entire game from the ground up in what we call a “next gen visual pack” which is bundled inside:


    Video Tour (‘Strike’ World):

    We did a free week event with Steam back in August to celebrate the 2nd free DLC pack / the games birthday and had opened up a lot of people to the game:

    We have been working hard on getting it to the point where it delivers on what you (and we) always hoped (and wanted) Dino Beatdown to be. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

    P.S – the game now has duel / melee combat inspired by classics like the old Jedi Knight games and even newer inspirations such as one of my personal favorite Half-Life 1 mods of all time, Pirates, Vikings and Knights.

    • Justin Ross says:

      Oh! I’ll gladly check it out again. Definitely good to see you guys accepting that the launch wasn’t too great, and working towards making it better.

      Definitely commendable.

      • The launch of Dino Beatdown was definitely a “letdown” to the fans but in some ways, more importantly, to us as well. There are some issues you face as a (small) indie that remain out of control and unfortunately the release of Dino Beatdown back in May 2012 was the biggest hit we had to endure.

        However, I am proud to say that myself and every Spiral developer has been working endlessly since then with the spiritual sequel to DB, Dino Horde, was released in April of this year and was MUCH better. It wasn’t perfect, but we were rather proud of the launch. Since then the game has been getting better and better and some of the best events are just about to begin (Spiral Spooktacular – Halloween takeover – going to be epic, don’t miss it!) and we have a Winter Holiday event planned, Jurassic Update this month, Arctic Update in December, Steam events and more content coming non-stop.

        The goal with ORION: Dino Horde is to create the “ultimate lan party game” offering amazing cooperative modes for friend-based gameplay but also competitive “arena” modes inspired by classic games (you’ll see nods to Gears of War, Quake, Unreal, Jedi Knight, Tribes and plenty others).

        We attempt to do Free Weekend events after major updates (free DLC) to act in place as a “demo” as we don’t want to pause development to create a capped version of the game (“proper demo”) as the game is continually improving and in an “on-going” state.

        I am very sorry personally about your letdown with Dino Beatdown. I fully understand at what you thought it could be as we knew it could be the very same thing. I am happy to tell you that the vision is now realized and we are extremely proud of what Dino Horde is and stands for (owning up to a bad release, constant post-release support, free dlc, interaction with community and events and more) and I think you will be as well upon a revisit.

        That all being said – I suggest waiting for the end of this month when Version 3.0 (Jurassic Update) releases as it’s implementing another huge patch and we have also gone back and completely remastered the game (looks even better).

        Some videos of the upcoming Jurassic Update:

        //end rant.
        –thanks for listening!

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