Pokemon Snap 2: Needs To Be Made & These Are My Ideas

I really want this game to get a sequel. Like, come on.

Pokemon Snap was one of my favorite games on the Nintendo 64, and one of the first games I got for the system. I loved taking pictures of some of my favorite Pokemon, and finding out the little secrets in the game to get some really special pictures, and even force some Pokemon to evolve. It was a really cool idea and I feel like it could benefit from a sequel coming to WiiU, or 3DS. Honestly, I’d rather Nintendo push out another one of these than the numerous Mario games we get that are essentially the same, why not bring back Pokemon Snap?

I’m writing this because Nintendo revealed that Pikachu would be getting it’s own game again, and it desperately made me want to see Pokemon Snap come back. So, here’s what I’d like to see Pokemon Snap 2 do if it ever gets made, and released on WiiU/3Ds.

1. Built in 3DS camera

The 3DS has a built in camera, and I believe the WiiU gamepad has a camera as well, which means you could add an extra layer of interactivity into the game. Snap photos in real life as some kind of mini-game or something with the chance of a random Pokemon appearing in the photo. This could be like some extra collection mini-game to see if you can get all the Pokemon as pictures, of course there would have to be a limit due to memory storage but I think it could be a neat little idea, and heck I’d use that feature all the damn time.

2. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

I feel like a Wi-Fi multiplayer component to the game would also work really well. A competitive mode where both players must compete to take the best pictures before the end of the level. The player with the highest score at the end of the level wins. I feel like that would be fun, and add a little replay value and give players a reason to go through levels again with someone else, instead of doing it alone. Could work out really well.

3. Street Pass for Nintendo 3DS

Street Pass could also play a fun part in the game for the Nintendo 3DS version. Everytime you street pass it compares photos with that person to see who the better photographer is, and then each person would unlock a random, new Pokemon in their game to snap a photo of. Just like the core Pokemon series you’d have to interact with others to get certain Pokemon. For example, Tim passes with Laura and we find out that Tim is the better photographer. From streetpassing, Tim unlocked the chance to find Geodude in his game, where as Laura has the chance of now finding Cyndaquil. Could work, could be fun, and it would give me one heck of a reason to Street Pass.

4. Motion Controls

I can’t stand motion control in most video games but I feel like Pokemon Snap could really benefit from that, if it’s done correctly. The WiiU gamepad would serve as the camera in-game. So, move the WiiU gamepad around to move the characters camera around on the screen. Of course, this could bother most people, but I feel if any game could do motion controls right, and actually suit the content of the game it would be Pokemon Snap.

5. Character customization

We’re finally getting character customization in a Pokemon game, but could Pokemon Snap benefit from this as well? It could. I didn’t like the protagonist from the original Pokemon Snap as I found him annoying, and unlikable in the anime so if Pokemon Snap 2 ever came around I’d like the chance to make my own persona instead of a premade character just for the game. Make an avatar, and that’s what other players will see via Street Pass, and the competitive multiplayer mode. It could work, and I do love me some character customizing. Let everyone put their own imprint onto the game.

What would you guys like to see in a new Pokemon Snap game, and what do you think of my ideas? Or, do you think Nintendo should just keep Pokemon Snap and focus on new ideas with the Pokemon franchise?


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