Top 5 Sequels I Want To See

I’m a guy who loves his video-games, and a lot of games get sequels nowadays. Sadly, some of these games do not deserve sequels. Some of these games should of just left it at one release, but they just pushed their IP to the point of being stale (Call Of Duty, Gears Of War, etc).

This is a list of games that I’d like to see sequels for. Again, my opinions. You may have different opinions for games you’d like to see, so please tell me what you’d like to see! I’ll also attach trailers for each game if you’ve never heard about the games, and wanna learn a little bit about em.

#1 Dino Crisis 4

#1 Dino Crisis 4

Yes, I realize we had two Dino Crisis sequels (Dino Crisis 2, and 3) and I enjoyed Dino Crisis 2 a lot, but thought 3 was a complete steaming pile of dog crap. That’s why I’d like to see Capcom revisit this franchise, and either remake the first game like the Resident Evil Remake for Nintendo Gamecube, or make a Dino Crisis 4 for next-gen consoles. Dino Crisis 4 could take everything about what DC3 was and toss it in the trash. Maybe bring us a ravaged Earth, with dinosaurs on every continent and players control Regina once again whom is part of a last group of humans on the planet whom are trying to survive and adapt with their prehistoric foes. Give us an apocalypse game that isn’t about zombies for once. Give us a dino-apocalypse. I would just like to see another Dino Crisis game that the fans would want, and hopefully make us forget that the third game even exists.

#2 – The Legend Of Dragoon 2

#2 – The Legend Of Dragoon 2

TLOD was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation, and is also one of my favorite games of all time. I sunk so much time into this game, and it was a long ass game spanning across 4 discs. I also remember it having some of the most difficult boss fights I had ever encountered. I’ll probably get some shit for never defeating the final boss, and that reminds me I should go back to this game soon and see if I can defeat him and make my younger self proud. I heard a sequel was in development but was canceled, and that bums me out. TLOD 2 could be developed and released as a PS4 exclusive title and that alone would make me switch from getting Xbox One, to a PS4 (I am getting both) due to my undying love for the first game. Maybe set it a few decades after the first title with the children of the first games protagonists taking the spotlight. Who knows. There’s a lot that could be done with the universe, and lore behind Dragoon. I would pay top dollar for a sequel. Please someone make this.

#3 – Fallout 4

#3 – Fallout 4

I know there’s rumors and stuff going on right now about a Fallout 4, and that it “may” be in development so I’d just like to talk about how much I want this title, and what I’d like to see done with a new Fallout game to make it unique, and possibly a whole lot of fun. I feel like I’m one of the only folks who didn’t really enjoy New Vegas, and was slightly let down by it. Of course, we’d probably see Fallout 4 on next-gen consoles, so they could use a really nice looking, and stellar engine and just make the game look gorgeous; or at-least as gorgeous as you can make something post-apocalypse look. I’d like to see something unique though, maybe the next Fallout can be set in the Antarctic or something. Instead of what we’ve seen mostly in the Fallout series we could maybe go for an “ice-age” approach. I’d be extremely interested in a frozen, harsh landscape like that. What do you guys think? What kind of setting would you like in the next Fallout game, and would a frozen, ice-age like setting interest you? Hell, maybe even give us the option to play as a Ghoul this time around.

#4 – WarCraft IV

#4 – WarCraft IV

I know we probably won’t see WarCraft return to its RTS roots now that WoW is around, and the story is continuing there but there’s gotta be some people still craving to see at-least one last RTS game in the Warcraft series. I know there was a mod in development for StarCraft II to bring Warcraft back called ‘WarCraft: A New Dawn’ but has since shut down development I believe. I’d imagine Blizzard could make a killing if the game ever decided to revisit its roots one last time and release the best RTS game to ever grace mankind, but I doubt it will happen. I guess it’s really up to the modding community at this point to bring us WarCraft IV. Please someone do it. I was a little disappointed with StarCraft II, and would love to play WarCraft with my friends again as they’ve all moved onto League Of Legends, and DOTA II.

#5 – Left 4 Dead 3

#5 – Left 4 Dead 3

Crucify me if you wish, but I’d rather see Left 4 Dead 3, or even Portal 3 then seeing Half-Life 3. L4D has always been a fun, and interesting game to play with buddies, and has always given intense situations when fighting off hordes of the undead. Of course, the third title in the series would need to step up its game to really stand apart from its previous iterations. I know there’s been rumors floating around about Portal 3, and L4D3 lately but I have little faith believing in things that are rumors, and especially rumors regarding Valve. Left 4 Dead 3 would be a perfect idea to sell the Steam Machine by making it an exclusive title, but I’d imagine it would probably do better on PC, but who really knows at this point how well the Steam Machine is going to do (I won’t be buying one). The game would give us a new cast of characters, new zombie types, a new setting, and hopefully some interesting new game-modes like we saw with Scavenge in L4D2. One of the issues I had with L4D2 is that it felt more like an expansion than a new game, so I’d imagine they could seriously step things up with the third game. Hell, even give it Occulus Rift support or something on release, or cross-platform abilities with PC players and people rocking out on their Steam Machines. Just imagine how big, and glorious this game could be. If Valve ever makes it that is.

What about you guys reading this? Any games you’d like to see get sequels?

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2 Responses to Top 5 Sequels I Want To See

  1. Nice list Manio.

    My top two sequels would be Fallout 4 and Medievil 3.

    If and when Fallout 4 is announced for PS4, I will not stop thinking about it and reading up on it until it is released,

    Medievil 3, on the other hand, is much less likely to happen, but I will still be very excited to see it and the improved gameplay it could have, learning from techniques used in other game series in the past 2 generations.

  2. Justin Ross says:

    Oh man, I’d love a Medievil game.

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