Opinion Piece: Top 5 Games For The Halloween Season

Decided to do an opinion piece on games I recommend you all play for this Halloween season. I was originally planning on doing something everyday for the month of October, but my pal Locke Vincent from Gaming Alchemy is doing a series where he reviews a horror game everyday for the month of October. Check the series out here. I’ve done a couple reviews for the series myself (Dino Crisis & Knock Knock) – [Click Here]

Let’s take a look at some of the spooky titles you guys & gals need to play this horror season. This list is in no particular order, and are horror/creepy titles that I have played that I deemed worthy of this list.

#1 – The Walking Dead

Telltale’s, The Walking Dead is a game everyone who considers themselves a gamer needs to play. It’s based on the comic book version of Walking Dead, more than the television series and is far better than telling a story than it’s TV counterpart. The Walking Dead throws you into the shoes of Lee Everett, and who meets a young girl named Clementine whom he instantly becomes the father figure for, and the two characters develop a very tight bond. Not only does the game provide a very, very well done narrative but it also gives us a fun-game when it’s time to do things. Taking the ‘point-and-click adventure’ gametype, and spinning it around on its head. Your choices in Walking Dead matter, and impact what happens later on during the five episodes of the game. The game also provides some really amazing voice-acting, and can get extremely emotional at times. Your choices from this game will cover over to the sequel, or “Season 2”. I highly recommend everyone check this game out. One of my favorites of this generation.

#2 – Dark Souls

Dark Souls may not be a horror title, or even be considered creepy by some people but its difficulty can be a scary, and terrifying thing. This game is hard as balls. You’ll die a lot, but you’ll learn, you’ll adapt, you’ll persevere. Everytime you die you tackle the situation with a different approach, and when you conquer your obstacles you feel like a true hero, and quite the bad-ass. Ghostly apparitions of other players will run about, and you can watch how other players have died, leave messages for other players from your world. This game is vast, and extremely terrifying. If you play Dark Souls, you’ll surely die. This game is not for the faint of heart. The sequel is coming soon as well! Check this game out, if you don’t mind some excruciating difficulty in your videogames.

#3 – Resident Evil 2

One of the most tense, and scariest games I have ever played. Moments from this game will be seared into my brain for the rest of my life (seeing the Licker for the very first time). This game also introduced my favorite character of the franchise, Leon Kennedy. If you’re a Resident Evil fan you’ve probably played this game, but if you haven’t you really need to get on it. Resident Evil has been going downhill lately, and we still have some gems in the franchise that can take away the bad taste left by RE6, and Operation Raccoon City. Go play Resident Evil 2. Right now.

#4 – Resident Evil 4

Another Resident Evil game on the list, and one of my favorites (even though it took Resident Evil down the shitty path it’s on now). The game brought back Leon Kennedy and this time he’s working for the President, and heads out to find the President’s daughter. He comes across a new type of enemy called the ‘Los Plagas’ and completely throws away everything we’ve loved about our old friends, the zombies. Resident Evil 4 changed the series, and took the game down a more action oriented route, but this didn’t stop RE4 for still having some scary moments, and still being a terrifying game. It now has an HD remake on PSN & XBLA so you have no reason not to check this game out.

#5 – Medievil

One of the first PS1 titles I ever owned, and also one of my favorites. Medievil was a fun game, and I feel it truly suits the Halloween theme for this article, you are playing as a skeleton after-all. The game is probably extremely difficult to find, but if you own a PSP you can always pick up ‘Medievil: Resurrection’ which is essentially a re-imagining of the first game. You control Sir Daniel Fortesque whom is a skeletal knight brought back to life by an evil sorceror named, Zarok. It’s a really great game, and it really gave me a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe when I went back to it a few years ago. This game was brilliant, and I feel like it still holds up today. Give Sir Fortesque some love, just look at that cute lil face.

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