Opinion Piece: What I’d Like To See In Fallout 4

I wrote something regarding how I’d like to see Fallout 4 come out on the next gen consoles a few days ago, and I’ve decided to create this opinion piece to essentially talk about what I myself would like to see done with the next iteration in the Fallout franchise. I wasn’t a big fan of New Vegas, and still hold Fallout 3 as one of my favorite games of all time, so I’ve decided to talk about it, and well like I said above; these are the things I’d like to see in the game.

Frozen Wasteland

Make the next Fallout game take place in an extremely harsh, and frozen landscape. Set the game in the Antarctic or something, and just make it hell. Trudging across the ice, cold wind blowing in your face, and blizzard like conditions blinding your vision. I feel like this would work extremely well as an environment and setting, and would hopefully get us away from the Wasteland we’re so used to in previous Fallout titles. Could even make ‘hardcore’ playthroughs more fun by making the cold climate kill the player if they don’t have the proper protection from the subzero temperature.


I know some of you may not like the idea of a multiplayer component in a Fallout game, but I think it could add a unique element to how people play the game in general. Have it as drop-in, drop-out co-op so only your friends can hop into your game. Make it similar to the co-op in Borderlands, and only allow maybe a maximum of 4 people at a time per game. This could then open up the possibility for co-op only missions, item trading, and just shenanigans with your friends in the Wasteland. I’ve always found the environments of Fallout games to be a tad bland (considering it is a Wasteland) and to travel across the environment with a buddy would probably make things a little more interesting. Hunkered down in a trench with your pals, having a firefight with some Super Mutants or something. Imagine the possibilities, but it would have to be done right. Hell, maybe even make a co-op only storyline for the game.

Playable Ghouls

The Ghouls need to get some love, so I’d like to see the ability to play as one in Fallout 4. They could be an interesting thing to to try. I’d imagine that Ghouls have some kind of resistance to radiation, so that could make for some interesting gameplay elements in the game. Especially for the co-op I mentioned above. Let’s say Timmy is playing as a normal human being, but the quest they’re doing requires someone to walk through an area with extremely high rad levels. Timmy could walk through this area, but he’d either get extremely sick or die from rad poisoning. However, Jimmy is playing as a Ghoul and has a resistance to radiation, and can walk through the area and complete the task that would otherwise endanger, or kill his friend. But of course, there would have to be some disadvantages to playing as a Ghoul, like maybe they move a little slower outside in the cold than their human counterparts.

Advanced Housing

Make the housing more like the home system in Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC. Buy a certain plot of land, and build your house from the ground up using special items, and resources. I’d love to make a massive house in the middle of the Wasteland, and set up a “sniper tower” or something to pick off passing bandits, Super Mutants, or other nasty creatures. And, if it’s going for more a Skyrim housing approach this means there could probably be an option to adopt one of the many orphaned children seen running about the Wasteland, and its various cities/towns. Marriage? Why not. I would love something like this in a Fallout game, and I could see myself spending a lot of time & money into my house. Imagine some of the pets you could get!

Steam Bikes

Instead of just being a mod for Fallout 3, why not make them an actual, driveable vehicle in game? Traveling would be much less of a hassle, and it would just be more fun roaring across the Wasteland on a rumbling bike. This could also incorporate a new type of enemy called “Bikers” that you know, drive around and cause trouble. Give players the ability to customize the look of their bike (paint, logos, etc) to really stand out amongst others and give your bike its own personality.

These are just some things I’d like to see in the next Fallout game. What would you like to see, and why?

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