Little Girl Ventures Into Survival Horror – Alas Mortis

Alright, so for those of you who don’t know I left development of Faceless in 2013 and started my own indie, horror game titled “Alas Mortis” which revolves around a group of ten humans trying to survive against a bat-like demonoid hunting them down in a variety of environments.

I’m aiming to get it on early access on Steam, but for right now we’re in the very early stages revolving around minor bits of programming, modelling, level design, and mostly concept work. Today, I’ll be showing off our newest character reveal, Amelia Stuart and hopefully we won’t see too much controversy for putting her in-game.

10 year-old, Amelia Stuart is the newest playable character to be revealed.

So, this group of humans are trying to survive against this demon hunting them down because of past-sins, and other issues that they’ve caused. I’m currently trying to figure out what is causing Amelia to be hunted but I just couldn’t resist adding a playable child character into my horror game.

The only thing I’m really worried about is that the deaths of playable humans will be quite gruesome, and gory. Beheadings, bisections, and more. I hope this doesn’t generate a lot of negative press as kids have been killed pretty gruesomely in games, films, and televisions before. She isn’t in there for pure shock value, but more so to carry the narrative along with the other humans in this horrific, and terrifying adventure.

The demon that one player will get to control.

She’s not alone. She’ll have a handful of other humans following her and supporting her in this scenarios. 9 humans, and one demonoid creature hunting them down. Will she pull at your heartstrings? Of course she will. You’ll learn to love her, and if she dies well…we’re trying to make it as emotional of a trainwreck as possible. You’ll feel bad, trust me.

She’ll also be traveling with the human doctor, David Black and psychotic Evan Roycz who dresses up as the Easter Bunny.

Evan Roycz – Psychotic Easter Bunny

David Black

Alas Mortis doesn’t have a set release date, but I’d like to get something playable released in late 2014, early 2015. No promises!

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3 Responses to Little Girl Ventures Into Survival Horror – Alas Mortis

  1. Josh S. says:

    check your email man , I want to try out for the narrator vo.

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