Game Doc Diary #1: Casters, A Competitive Card Game


I was recently looking through a notebook I had buried inside my desk with the game designs/ideas written down that I never got around to using, or just scrapping entirely. I’ve decided to throw them up here in case somebody was interested in using the ideas or just mulling over things that I’ve had in my head during the years of developing/trying to develop video games.

So, without futher ado. Here we go. I think I’ll just toss one up here. Just so you can see how bad this idea was. Feel free to steal it if you want. I could honestly care less.

CASTERS (Working Shite Title)

  • The game is all about health.
  • Each time you play a Monster card it saps some of your health. If this monster dies, you lose health equal to what was needed to summon it.
  • If the Monster you summoned kills a monster, you gain health for the monster that was slain.
  • The goal is to drop the other Caster’s (player) health to 0.
  • Attribute Cards buff monsters.
  • Hex cards weaken/cause negative effects on monsters/casters.
  • Co-op Mode pits 2v2 and the players use a shared life-pool.
  • Six different elements: Fire, Earth, Shadow, Light, Space, and Fog.
  • Fire decks are known for area damage.
  • Earth decks are known for high levels of damage.
  • Shadow decks are very hex oriented.
  • Light decks rely heavily on attributes.
  • Space decks have high health costs, but powerful monsters.
  • Fog decks are known for spiritual based cards.
  • There are also various monster archetypes. These are Sifters, Shielders, Runner, Spirits, and Drainers.
  • Sifters can attack player health directly.
  • Shielders can be used to block attacks from other monsters that are attacking your monsters.
  • Runners can flee the battlefield, and back to your hand at anytime during one of your turns.
  • Spirits cannot be harmed by Hex cards.
  • Drainers give their Caster health when they’re destroyed.
  • A competitive mode where players can bet their best cards. If they lose, their opponent wins the card that was bet.
  • Each element contains Legend monsters. These take huge chunks of health to summon, but can only have one per deck.

So not exactly a good idea, but you know. I actually might start posting some of these “game design diary” ideas if people actually sort of like it.

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